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The Ministers of Falkland Parish Church

The Parish of Falkland (originally the Parish of KIlgour) has been affected by by the various upheavals of the Church of Scotland over the centuries, starting with the Scottish Reformation around 1560 when Catholic priests were replaced by Protestand ministers. During the following century the governance of the Church nationally changed several times, before bishops were finally abolished, since when the church has been Presbyterian. For a time the 'Burgher' party (arising from nationwide splits in 1733 and 1747) had a separate church in Falkland (later the Drill Hall, now two private houses). Another nationwide split, the 'Disruption', occurred in 1843, when Rev. Smeaton left to join the new Free Church; a new Falkland Free Church (later United Free Church) was built in 1844. The United Free Church rejoined the Church of Scotland in 1929, after which the former Falkland U.F. Church was known as the 'East Church', It was later used as a community hall and is now a private house.

The following is a list of Church of Scotland ministers since the Reformation.

  • 1565 Alexander Mure
  • 1567 William Braidfuie
  • 1584 William Brand
  • 1589 James Pitcairn
  • 1624 William Schethois MA
  • 1635 William Barclay MA
  • 1645 William Livingstone MA
  • 1663 William Barclay MA
  • 1673 John Hay DD
  • 1690 Henry Hamilton MA
  • 1691John Forrest MA
  • 1692 William Selkrigg (Selcraig or Selkirk) MA
  • 1702 Alexander Anderson MA
  • 1726 Alexander Stoddart MA
  • 1747 George Simson
  • 1770 Thomas Spankie
  • 1784 Andrew Brown DD
  • 1802 George Buist
  • 1814 William Thomson
  • 1840 George Smeaton
  • 1843 Andrew Wilson
  • 1853 Robert Charles Henry Macduff
  • 1867 John Barrack MA
  • 1898 Alexander Lyon Johnston
  • 1912 James Keddie Russell MA, BD
  • 1950 John M. Skinner MA, BD
  • 1954 Peter R. G. Wallace MA
  • 1984 Iain A. M. Wright BA, BD
  • 1990 John W. Jarvie BD